Get + Stay Inspired!

“The rest of the world was black and white but we were in screaming color.” – Taylor Swift

Here in Ohio the days have been grey and we’ve had the coldest February in 140 years! When I heard those lyrics, they reminded me of the way I’ve been feeling lately…like the grey chill of winter will never end!

Staying inspired is SO important…especially for creative entrepreneurs!

Here are some tips for staying inspired when you’re feeling a little more like Eeyore than a technicolor unicorn.

  1.  Listen to your power playlist. When I was in college I relied heavily on music to keep my creative juices flowing throughout my art classes and often listened to songs on repeat simply because I realized it helped my artistic process a little easier. Find music that excites you, lyrics that inspire you, and a tune that makes you want to break out your best Toddlers & Tiaras dance moves. 
  2. Carry a notebook everywhere. Most of our best ideas come when we’re relaxed (which is why you have most of your good ideas when you’re in the shower or working out!). Purchase a small notebook and keep it handy – in your purse, desk drawer, or on your nightstand…make it your best friend!
  3. Spice up your work area. When I’m feeling overwhelmed it is very hard to be inspired + creative so I take some time to give my brain a break and clean up my workspace! Organizing all of my odds and ends is quite satisfying and helps me feel like my life in general is more organized (I wish!). Get some colorful folders to file your loose papers in, add some fresh flowers to your desk, rearrange your space and you will be surprised the difference it can make!
  4. Fill your brain with beauty. Surround yourself with pretty colors, read quotes that inspire you, even watch adorable baby animal videos! Do what makes you happy and the inspiration will come. 
  5. Find a superhero. Who + what inspires you? Make time to find and spend time with your superhero (on their blog, watching their videos, etc). Someone you look up to and never fails to inspire you when you read their blog + book + watch their course + look at their art!

Tell me what inspires you in the comments below! 

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