How Do You Fascinate?

“Better isn’t better. Different is better.” – Sally Hogshead, How the World Sees You

I am currently taking the course:  Build a Stand-Out Business with Tara Gentile on Creative Live and loving every second of it! Creative Live is trying out a new format with this class and offering their viewers small, 30-60 minute segments of the course every day for 5 weeks. They also re-show that day’s lesson on repeat until the end of the day so you have plenty of time to catch it after work if you weren’t able to watch it earlier!

Last week Tara spoke about the 7 Fascination Languages (by Sally Hogshead) and how they can assist you in fascinating your potential (and current) clients and gaining more attention from your desired target market. Have you ever thought about how you speak to your current customers? Different target markets often have different fascination languages that resonate with them. Keep reading to find out which fascination language you are most comfortable communicating with!


Those with INNOVATION as their primary Advantage are creative, unconventional thinkers who quickly resolve problems and deliver inventive solutions.

Their creativity gives them an advantage when old solutions don’t work anymore. These are the seekers of adventure. The experimenters. The proponents of the new. Life is too short to follow conventions. How about we try something different instead?

Their talent for new thinking helps them to propose unexpected solutions. They are able to develop a profusion of ideas, often quickly. Irreverent and entrepreneurial, they encourage others to break habits and to try new products and fresh ideas. They prefer reimagining something from the ground up rather than tweaking existing ideas.

These entrepreneurial personalities prevent companies from going stale. You’ll find they get energy from brainstorming sessions. Procedures may wear them down. They love experimenting with anything new, both in their business and personal life. Whether it’s a gadget or new marketing tool, they’re comfortable with change.

They are creative, visionary and entrepreneurial.


People with primary PASSION Advantage can rapidly make emotional connections with customers, co-workers, and managers.

Their ability to forge relationships builds wide networks, both socially and professionally.

Approachable and gregarious, they usually build rapport with prospects, customers, and colleagues, which allows them to excel in positions that re- quire strong interpersonal skills.

These social butterflies express themselves with animated facial expressions, body language, and vocal intonation. In pitches and presentations, this helps them add emphasis to the points they are making. Their expressive style keeps people focused and engaged.

You’ll usually know what they’re thinking. In fact, some might call them an open book. Passion makes their emotional state transparent to others. Their expressions are easy to read, immediately revealing their thoughts and emotions. And just as you can read their feelings, the Passion personality is attuned to yours.

They are expressive, intuitive and engaging.


People with primary POWER Advantage are natural leaders who are driven to identify goals and attain them. These self-assured employees quickly earn the respect of their co-workers, customers and peers.

They inspire others through bigger goals and stronger opinions. Since they usually know what they want, they often lead the discussion. You’ll find they ask direct questions, taking charge of a conversation, leaning in, and stepping forward.

In the heat of an argument, these formidable debaters know how to put their own case forth. They strongly emphasize their key points. They don’t shy away from head-to-head sparring, or back down from counterarguments. This gives them an edge when challengers step up.

They’re comfortable in leadership positions, and motivate others to rise to their best. Decisive and self-assured, they don’t mind being the one who makes a difficult decision. They know they need to take considered risks to achieve ambitious company targets. (Sometimes they use a carrot, other times, a stick.) In their personal lives, as with business, they get things moving forward.

They are confident, goal-oriented and decisive.


Those with the primary Advantage of PRESTIGE instinctively seek consistent improvement, higher goals, and tangible evidence of their success. They work to earn the respect of their customers, co-workers, and leadership.

Their personal and professional aim is to always get better to exceed expectations. When excellence matters, they know how to push for success. Ambitious and determined, they don’t want to disappoint. They help and en-courage co-workers to achieve in everything they do.

These overachievers are admired for their assertiveness, expertise, and high-quality results. They don’t do just good enough. They don’t rely on luck. Instead, they ensure each detail is taken care of. They strive to improve their performance, and continuously achieve their goals.

They are proud of their achievements. And rightly so. They may display diplomas, prizes, and awards in their home study or on their office wall. Among the various academic achievements you may find a high school foot- ball trophy, too.

Prestige personalities know their own strengths and weaknesses. They avoid failure by focusing on what they know they do well. They don’t do average—not even for a hobby.

These are the people you turn to when you need to get results, and when you can’t compromise on quality.

They are ambitious, results-oriented and respected.


People with primary TRUST Advantage garner respect and maintain loyalty through their dependability and consistency in chaotic environments.

Their consistency defines their reputation. They follow through on what they promise and deliver on time. They are dependable, committed, and trust- worthy—of course.

Steady and focused, they get things done. They like to follow a proven pattern.  Trust personalities make decisions that benefit the team even if that means extra work or complications for themselves. They prefer to work with familiar faces. Once they know you (and your way of working), you’ll get along extremely well. You know exactly what to expect from them. Trust personalities are usually hard workers. They’re committed to getting a job done.

Trust personalities won’t rock the boat. They follow tried-and-tested methods. Rather than being busybodies you’ll see them intensely focused on the tasks ahead.

Trust personalities add value by delivering on what they promise. They do as they say.

They are stable, dependable and familiar.


People with primary MYSTIQUE Advantage have an innate ability to edit their ideas and opinions. They do not over-communicate with customers, co-workers, and managers, thereby making their opinions more influential.

While others draw attention to themselves with loud greetings or fraternal backslapping, Mystique personalities tend to be solo intellects behind the scenes. Their ability to see the nuances of a situation, and think things through, gives them an edge over more outgoing personalities. These pragmatic thinkers communicate with facts, not fancy.

While Passion and Power personalities sometimes “over communicate,” people with primary Mystique are more likely to “under communicate.” Independent and analytical, they systematically gather evidence before reaching a conclusion and analyze statistics before making up their mind. They are good at managing their own work. They excel at decoding nuances. They skillfully outline strategies, but only after careful reflection.

These introverts naturally restrain their emotions, and are unlikely to succumb to the “mood du jour.” You might find it difficult to gauge what they really think, but this makes their conclusions more credible, because they’ve probably vetted their thinking before sharing it.

Measured, deliberate, and carefully prepared, they objectively weigh options rather than foolishly following advice. They carefully research before offering you their opinions.

They are independent, logical and observant.


People with primary ALERT Advantage carefully watch all the details in order to avoid problems. They proactively handle their work to stay on track with customers, co-workers, and managers.

When details matter, Alert has an upper hand over less structured personalities. They are watchful, aware, with an ability to manage complex projects. Their risk-adverse attitude helps them to avoid mistakes. They know the critical path of their projects by heart. They understand that minor issues can cause major delays. They never lose track of deadlines. They’re able to juggle conflicting requirements, such as meeting tight deadlines without compromising product specifications.

By keeping their eye on the ball, they don’t lose sight of the process or lose track of details. Practical and pragmatic, they take a step-by-step approach to reaching team goals.

Alert personality stays on track. When others get distracted, they maintain concrete deliverables to move forward with the team. They focus on the task at hand, whether it’s improving quality standards, raising productivity, or lowering call-waiting times.

They are proactive, organized and detailed.

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