Travel Tips Tuesday

One of my favorite things to do is travel.

I firmly believe that traveling helps you better yourself by learning about different cultures and the world around you (I know, that sounds so cliche but it’s so true!). I have been lucky enough to have parents who love to travel as well so I caught the travel bug early on.

My wonderful parents when I met up with them in Paris!

The trip that really sealed my fate as a travel junkie was one I took last Fall after I graduated from college. I got to spend an entire month abroad with one of my friends, Ashley, and it was the trip of a lifetime! We covered 10 cities in 31 days!

Rome, Florence, Venice, Vienna, Prague, Paris, London, Edinburgh, Dublin, and Galway.

After climbing Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh!

I got to see some of the most amazing landscapes and met incredible people! One of my goals in life is to help people realize that you don’t need tons of money to travel – you just need to travel smart! I want to help you guys have great adventures! So I will be starting a “Travel Tips Tuesday” feature where I will share my best bits of advice and lessons I have learned while traveling as well as ways to save on travel so you can have adventures more often!

Comment below and let me know what kinds of tips you would like to hear! I’m here to help you! 🙂

Thanks for reading – I love having you here! 🙂

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