My Top 3 Favorite Brands Of Leggings!

Okay, we’ve all been there. You’re prancing around in leggings until suddenly, you drop your pen, bend over, and the whole office gains complete knowledge of exactly what kind of undies you decided to put on that day…eeeek! I’m talking about thin, cheap, see-through leggings here guys!

After figure skating for many years, where the uniform was a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt…I turned into a self-proclaimed connoisseur of leggings who has test-run dozens of pairs + brands! I decided for the good of mankind…I should share a few of my favorites 😉

Prana Ashley Leggings

I stumbled on these Prana leggings while searching Amazon one day. They seemed to have good reviews so I took the leap! Boy, am I glad I did! These leggings are ultra cozy and are made from soft Chakara performance fabric with minimal seams. I did experience some slight pilling with this fabric but it didn’t bother me too much since they are so insanely comfortable – and definitely opaque (aka NOT see-through!)

Capezio Supplex Leggings

Okay, want to know a (somewhat) embarrassing fact? I have a pair of Capezio leggings that is at least 10 years old that I refuse to give up! They have holes in them and are on their last leg but they are SO comfy! I hoped to replace these with a new pair and ordered a pair of Capezio Supplex leggings. I do love them because they fit my petite frame and don’t require alterations to shorten them like most leggings I wear but they aren’t quite as soft as my old ones from sheer lack of use I assume…so sad! But they are still a fabulous pair!

Marika Tek Sanded Dry Wik Legging

Marika Tek is a new-found favorite that I happen upon while digging through the racks at Marshalls (*TIP* Marshalls is amaze-a-blaze with great brand-name workout clothes, it’s my #1 favorite!) they make a FABULOUS Sanded Dry Wik Legging that is SO soft! I’m in love 🙂 The super wide waistband on these also makes them insanely comfortable to wear.

Now I hope you feel well equipt with all the tools to go out and buy leggings that won’t over-share with the office! 🙂

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